A downloadable game for Windows

The classic arcade game taken to a whole new level.

Four new abilities!

- Launch:  Draw a force field that will be launched away to destroy rocks

- Defense:  Draw a wall that blocks projectiles and rocks

- Teleport:  Draw a path for your ship to take instantly, even through rocks

- Laser: The ultimate tool for destruction, charge up and disintegrate rocks

A new color scheme system, where you can amass points to unlock different styles for the game.

Fight tough boss asteroids that are protected by destructible terrain as they shoot at you.

This was a submission for the YoYo Games Space Mods: Holiday Community Competition: https://www.yoyogames.com/blog/494/space-mods-holiday-community-competition

Have Fun!

Install instructions

Simply put the two files in the archive into the same folder. After that, you’re free to run the executable!


Space Rocks Ultimate Edition.zip 8 MB

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