A downloadable game for Windows

A puzzle game where you get only one jump per level!


- 12 levels

- Button pressing, escalators, and movable blocks

- Original code, sound effects, music, and art

- The best cartoony death animation ever

- A rare "feature" where blocks sometimes float off romantically into the sunset


- A and D or arrow keys to move

- Space, W, or up arrow to jump

- S, E, or down arrow to grab blocks with your tail

- F to toggle fullscreen

- R or the restart button to restart level

- Escape to return the the main menu or exit (Warning, no saving)

Other Info:

- You drop your tail when you jump

- Have fun!

Install instructions

Simply put the two files in the archive into the same folder. After that, you’re free to run the executable!


Leap.zip 30 MB


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If you haven't played the game yet you are missing out


Super duper cute! I feel so sad when he pops... lol!